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By Ruthson Zimmerman on Unsplash

And it’s just one word — نصيب

And it’s a very oddly simple advice. The advice? — Pray for a good naseeb.

Naseeb is an Arabic word found in many other languages too. It roughly translates to destiny. Not fate…

By monREYESartworks

The other week, I watched a video of this man go up to random strangers and randomly start speaking in a movie trailer guy voice. I found that incredibly hilarious. This guy has played so many different characters in public, and so realistically, and naturally — as if he just puts on some imaginary mask re-calibrating his mind to adopt an entirely new identity.

Then I realized — he’s taking advantage of something I never even thought of. When he meets a random person — he knows they have little preset expectations of him. He can take this opportunity to…

By Dan Dimmock on Unsplash

I’ve never been a fan of university — on the practical side of things. It always seemed like an unclear path to me, personally. Just the idea of signing myself onto some 4–5 year programme sounded like a big sacrifice. The bureaucracy involved, the time, the money, the freedom, and the very likely possibility of changing my mind.

Surprisingly, after graduating high-school I turned out to be the only one who actually dodged university and pursued something rather unique: Chartered Accountancy.

It turns out — you do not ‘need’ a university degree to become one, yet — it is still…

By DEVN on Unsplash

And I realized something strange…

All it took was one a single notification.

…Aaand it’s now 1:44AM. I’m just staring into the silhouette of my hands in the darkness of this room. The lights are off, I’m laying down, but at this point, my mind is having a party while I’m pretending to be asleep.

Here’s the dilemma. I’m awake but doing nothing. Staring into the darkness. I have never felt every minute passing by so unproductively. I feel like getting up, opening my laptop, and doing something productive.

This is where a strange thought hit me:

My desire for…

By Jack Sharp

Something short yet powerful your way.

“The Opening” | الفاتحة

Yeah, I messed up.

Photo by Mostafa Meraji

This year marks my 20th year of being a resident here in Saudi Arabia. I do visit my home country (Pakistan) often — but, I’ll just say that life is so much more calm here. Get this: you rarely will ever hear a car’s horn being honked from the street — that alone makes the world of a difference in day to day life. I will eventually go back, but for now, let’s talk about how I realized that those entire 20 years here were spent without me even knowing the language spoken here, Arabic.

Ideally, that shouldn’t have been…

It may be limiting your potential, without you even being aware.

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

But then — there’s people who plan too much. Their to-do list isn’t the typical single bullet-point with its self-implicit plan of attack. They go out of their way to specify everything down to its core. …

Because chances are — you simply inherited them from your parents.

Photo by DEAR on Unsplash

Life would be… unfair

What are the odds of you being born into that one true religion or sect if it really does exist? In a diverse world of billions — quite low. We are all born with this natural tendency to unquestioningly and uncritically submit to those very same beliefs, traditions, customs that our parents and family held.

It’s gotten quite out of hand in Pakistan, where I’m from. A fellow young man I personally know, perhaps about 12 in age, was made by his parents to memorize the entire Qur’an (6,000+ verses!) …

Even knowledge in high doses can be harmful.

By Design-By-Humans

We all know the saying: the more you know, the more you grow; but should that mean, the less you know, the less you grow? It turns out…

Knowing less about something you desire, ironically, can be a good thing — but there’s a catch.

Your brain does NOT like unanswered questions

This is an intelligent’s man biggest weakness. Let’s say you want to climb a nearby mountain tomorrow morning. Ask yourself: how would your mind react to this rather, spontaneous proposal?

Many immediately question the weather, altitude, conditions, that shoulder pain — the practical stuff.


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